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Headlight Adjustment

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Does anyone know the correct settings for the headlights,I don`t mean from the dash dial,I mean from under the bonnet by using the yellow screws.I have noticed that the nearside headlight is too short{ie,can only just see it when driving} so I need to lenghthun the beam,but I don`t know by how much.
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The exact figure is that the horizontal part of the dipped beam should be angled down by 1.3% (that's why there is a sticker somewhere to show this)

In practice this means with the vehicle on a level surface and about 10 FEET (120") away from a vertical surace it should be about1½ INCHES below the center line of the headlight
Thanks Richard.Is the O/S the same?
The 1.3% is the same for all vehicles to UK rules
The angled up section should start I think at about the vvertical centerline
Great,thanks for your help.
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