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Haynes Manual

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Hi Guys, does anyone know if there is a c-max Haynes manual or equivelant?

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If you look back through the history of posts you'll find a whole raft of the same question. Basically however the answer at present is a resounding No because mainly Haynes wouldn't sell enough of them.

The only real answer for anything upto the 2003.25 model year is a Ford TIS DVD that are avaiolable on ebay etc for usually less than a tenner
Indeed,as Richard said, alot of others have asked the same.
At the bottom of this section is my post: http://www.cmaxownersclub.co.uk/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=1139

We are still waiting

However, goto ebay and obyain the Ford TIS dvd (around £3-5) as this will cover most areas for you.
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Hi, Thanks for the reply.

Whats a 2003.25? I have an 05 plate 2.0tdci. Would this be suitable?
2003.25 refers to a first ¼ 2003 MY which I believe is probably mostly covered upto about the end of 2004 after that the TIS went to RTIS that the dealers subscribe to
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