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Handbrake Question

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Hi All,

Just wondering if any of you had experienced anything like this. I have a July 07 C-Max and on Sat I left it sitting on a hill with handbrake on and in first gear. It sat there for about 45 mins and then when I looked out the window it had rolled down the hill and into another car (luckily there was no damage to either car or any person). When I got in the car the handbrake was still on and it was still in gear. How could this happen.

Any enlightenment would be grateful cos I'm really starting to think that car has it in for me!!!

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Does your model have the electronic parking brake or a good-old mechanical handbrake?
There are plently of examples of various makes of car with rear disc brakes which have released on cooling down and let the motor roll away, but I have never heard of one where the car was in gear and still rolled.
Were you pointing downhill or uphill, as I find that my 06 LX will not hold at all on a very slippery surface if pointed downhill, it just toboggans - which is very unsetlling as my drive has an angle of 30° down!
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