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Got my C-Max - a few questions too....

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Hello all

Just traded my 2002 Mondeo for an 2007 ocean blue C-Max 1.6TDCi Titanium with Sport X pack and panoramic roof. I have to say I have been very impressed so far with the spec, ride and handling of this car. Long may it continue. The only thing that has dampened my mood was my insurance going up because it is a more desirable car than the Mondeo!

I have a few questions someone may be able to help with;

Has anyone fitted the Ford mudflaps to the car themselves? Is it easy for an amateur?

In a similar vein has anyone fitted the scuff plates to their car? Can these be easily fitted and are they for front and back or front only?

Has anyone got an after market in dash sat nav such as a Pioneer, JVC or Kenwood and are they any better than the Sony systems?

Can anyone recommend some good LED bulbs for the boot light?

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Hi Paul.Trust you enjoy many happy miles with the noo motor.

I can only say that if you know the business end of a screw driver then mud flaps are easy enough. I think i raised the back to gain a bit of room around the wheels. The fronts are easier as they turn!! Go for it. ( before the stone chips start.)

Scuff plates from Ford for my better halves Fiesta are sticky back plastic. Just make sure they are exactly right first touch, they stick! and don't adjust at all.
Still use maps so cannot help with nat sav. and will watch with interest for bulb tips.
(Crocus's in the Spring)??
Just remember that the screws are Torx otherwise you ought to be able to do both front in about 15 minutes

The insurance may have gone up because of the value of the newer car. Our 1.6TDCI was the same group as our previous Focus 1.8 petrol and I think only about £20 a year
Hi paul,
I would recommend doing the fronts, and if you have time take out the arch liner and at the bottom of the wing it will need cleaning out. This is because the bottom of the wing is made flat and all dirt just sits there i gave mine a good dose of waxoil as well. Took me about an hour per side. Oh and welcome to forums
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