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gear stick suround

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does anyone know where i can get a silver gear stick suround? i've got a 2.0l tdci ghia and am changing the plastic wood trim for silver. my local dealership have got me, fitted the narrow strip on the passenger side and gear knob but having problemssupplying the silver gearstick suround. has anyone any ideas where i could get one from?[second hand or new]

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try a different ford dealer i got mine from ford within a week
I got some things off them.Good prices & loads of stock & fast delivery
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Try Fords again and ask for the surround for a C-max titanium.

I have the same wood effect in my cmax (TDCI 2.0 53 plate)and want to switch it for the silver. My in laws have the 07 plate titanium with the silver surround.

The only thing I need to check is the surround is the same design.

Ford's cost for it was around £40.

My alternative option is to get the exisiting materials professionally resprayed.
zzz. a huge space in time between the last two posts.....
I too am looking to do this to my ghia. the wood trim is pointless.....
Gear stick surround plus airbag strip on passenger side For about £30..done mine last month..looks good.When you use the site...use the search box input c-max ( not trying to teach granny to suck eggs) doing it this way gives you all parts..happy hunting
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