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Fuse identity within fusebox

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Can anyone help with a list of which fuse controls what functions for an 04 Focus C-max Zetec 2.0 TDCI please?

According to the manual there should be a diagram on the fuse box, but not that I can see. The manual doesn't list the fuses by number. The list on the Ford service CD (bought on e-bay) don't correspond and neither do the ones in the Haynes manual for the 2001-2005 Focus.

By trial and error the front cigar lighter, boot 12 volt accessory socket and trailer supply wire all have seperate fuses.

Many thanks
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I have an 04 53 2.0 TDCI.This list was passed on to me from my neighbour.Hope it`s right as I`ve not checked it out yet.

Here is a fuse list for passenger fuse compartement
FUSE Rating
F30 10a Light Switch
F3115a Audio
F32 15a Direction Indicators
F33 20a Horn,Seat Adjust
F34 20a Sunroof
F35 7.5a Intrior lights,electric motors
F367.5a Electronic modules,instruments,clock
F37 25a Electric windows
F38 25a Electric windows
F4010a Reversing lights {Automatic Transmission}
F417.5a Radio {accessory},instrument cluster
F4215a Brake lights
F4315a Electric windows,rear wiper,switch illumination
F4420a Front & rear fog lights
F45 7.5a Air con,recirc air
F46 7.5aABS module
F47 15/20aCigar lighter,accessory socket,trailer control
F4810a Diagnostic connector
F49 25a Heated rear scren
F50 7.5a Heated mirrors
F52 15a Heated front seats
F5310a Rev lights{Manual trans},heated washer jets,headlight leveling {xenons},cruise control
F55 25a Electrice front windows
F56 20a Front wipers
F57 7.5a RH side light
F58 7.5a LH side light
F59 10a Light switch
F607.5a Air bag module
F61 7.5aElectronic modules,intrument cluster,clock
F62 7.5aNumber plate lights
F63 20a Central locking

Here is a list for the engine compartement fuse box
F1 40a Main power supply
F3 40a Glow plug heater 2
F4 50a Heated front screen
F560a Diesel glow plugs
F6 30a Engine cooling fan {air con versions}
F7 40a Main power supply
F8 30a Ignition
F920a Engine management
F10 1a Battery voltage sensor
F11 30a ABS pump
F1215aFuel pump,diesel injection pump
F1330a Headlight Washer
F1410a Parking lights
F1510aAir con clutch soleniod
F1615a LH dipped beam
F17 15a RHdipped beam
F18 10a Lambada sensor
F2010a Engine management
F2220a Daylight running {xenon lights}
F23 20a Aux heater {diesel engine}
F24 30aGlow plug heater 1
F25 15a Daylight running {normal lights}
F2610a LH main beam
F27 10a RH main beam
F2810a Heated front screen,diesel fuel fired heater,diesel engine
F2930a Engine cooling fan {air con}
F64 30a Heater blower motor
F65 30a Engine cooling fan
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I have done some checking and found out these lists are from a Haynes Manual for the Ford Focus.51 - 54 reg diesel models so I`m not sure they are all correct for the C-Max.
Does the CD give the CMax model year as 2003.75
There was an earlier CD I believe that just might have been different
Yes, the TIS (tech info system) disc lists Focus C-Max 2003.75

Hi all
been messing and putting a towbar on, aux socket in boot is fuse f79 and trailer/caravan is f59, trailer terminal behind panel nearside. Not much i know but only had the car a week.
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Thanks for the info on the trailer and aux socket fuses.

When pulling out the fuses to check which ones had blown I'm not 100% certain that I put them all back in the correct positions. If someone with an 04 Focus C-max Zetec 2.0 TDCI could kindly advise which positions should be left blank without a fuse in that location i.e. for accessories like electric heating seats that are not fitted.

By the way, if you remove the central locking fuse, central locking won't lock, but it will unlock. However, if you lock the rear doors manually, you can't unlock them manually and they don't unlock when the front doors unlock electrically.Refitting the fuse, by trial and error, eventually resolved the problem.
54 plate cmax 2.0 tdci

Hi I've been reading this forum and found that the first yellow (20amp) fuse is for the cigarette lighter, I took it out and it was blown and I replaced it with a new fuse but its still not working. I tried 3 fuses and again still not working.

Can somebody help me please as I don't want to go to the dealers and get ripped off.

Many thanks in advance
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