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Hi all,

Whilst driving back on the french motorway over the weekend, i experienced complete power loss and all I could do was allow the vehicle to decelerate on to the hard shoulder. I was unable to restart the engine.

I had experienced a temporary power loss a few months ago but it lasted momentarily.

The vehicle has been diagnosed by a ford garage in France as having a fuel pump injection fault. I have been given an initial quote over the phone of 3500euros. The charge for the fuel pump alone is quoted to be in the region of 2000 euros. You can imagine how I gutted I feel.

The vehicle is a 2004 registration with only 68106 miles on the clock.

How can a fuel injection pump fail having done so few miles? Has anyone else had this fault? The fuel autonomie (remaining diesel fuel) was reading 82 miles. Could this be a cause or poor quality diesel fuel. The car went for a service only a week earlier but they do not touch the fuel circuit.

In september last year there was a similar symptom. In that case the battery was changed and the diagnosis was that there was insufficient charge to maintain the fuel pump and this caused air within the fuel circuit that caused the fuel circuit to breakdown.

The total diagnosis/repair bill came to 750 pounds (change fuel filter, air filter and battery).

Are such fuelling faults common? Could there be another problem that is causing these fuel circuit component failures.

I'd be interested to hear your views.

Kind regards

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