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Front Suspension life?

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Hi all

I have just bought a 1.8 petrol Zetec on an 05 plate and am very pleased with it - a great car!! However, having read all the reviews - I was expecting it to be a bit more controlled in the handling department. The front feels a bit soft compared to the rear and this leads to some floaty behaviour through corners- nothing hideous - just not as tight/controlled as I expected. Bouncing the car whilst stationary leads to no concerns either.

The car has done 56K - so I'm wondering if the dampers may need replacing to tighten things up - any thoughts???

One other thing - hot starting seems a bit laboured - it does always start - but sometimes requires churning and a bit of well timed gas on the accelerator - compared to cold starts which are virtually instantaneous?

Would be very grateful for any comments and ideas.
Many thanks
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hi martin
i know it may sound silly but have you checked the tyre pressures as our 2.0tdci (heavier engine i dont know if this matters to handling)felt the same to me but i checked the tyre pressures and all 4 where wrong sorted that and now feels ok.

as for starting probs you dont say if the car has had a service lately
the dampers only control the rate of movement not the extent nor the amount of force required to create that movement

Are there any signs anywhere of anything else that might give signs of anything that might have happened
Blimey my 2.0 tdci feels like on rails but i was used to a galaxy before that. What tyres have you on the front are they budget or top dollar?
Well - the tyres aren't top spec and the pressures are OK. I'mwondering ifthis is more about body control/stability through the corners rather than grip? I would expect the car to settle into a cornering stance as pressed through the corner and maintain that - rather than feeling a bit unsettled? There is some evidence of respray at the front, butan HPI check came up clear and the structure looks sound - so I suspect this was cosmetic? It was also an ex-motability care, so servicing is up to date.

Are there any bushes to check or other weaknesses in the suspension at this mileage to consider - or can wheel alignment affect this? I have a Corrado too - (as you can maybe guess from my forum name) - and this is very prone to alignment set-up - making it a completely different car to drive - wondering if the CMax can be similarly affected??
Hi there - any more thoughts on this issue? Are there any weak points in the suspension to consider? I'm wondering if any bushes may need replacing - or could it just be alignment as I suggested before?

Thanks again . .
The suspension should last for ages,just as it`s designed to.I`m wondering if the car had been front end bashed & been repaired by a back street garage for cash.Even if the car had been curbed really hard it should not affect it too much.You say that you did not have top spec tyres on,these can allow a car to lean and feel unstable.
Keep us posted.
I've noticed some bouncing in my Cmax an asked my husband if he was snatching the steering wheelat the time.  I noticed it happened when I was driving and wasn't sure if it was user error or fault.  I was informed that he thought it was very light steering.  We have goodyear eagles on the car but what is considered top spec for a tyre for a 2.0ltr TDI.  BTW we have just clocked up 40,000 miles if its any help.
I have Avons on mine & they are exellent.
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