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Front end understeer

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I have purchased a2.0 TDCI C-MAX GHIA (2005 55), I cant seem to stop the front end loosing grip, even driving it sedately, on corners or roundabouts its terrible.

Has or is anyone experiencing the same problem, also if its slightly damp on the road, you have to really feather the throttle to stop the wheels spinning.
Is it tyres, size of wheels, can someone advise.
The C-MAX does not have traction control fitted.

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Do you have ESP (also known as traction control) on the car? The 2.0's really need it as they've got such a huge amount of torque.
Thank's for your reply, no I dont have esp fitted to the vehicle, but also if you turn quite sharpely, it feels like its struggling to maintain grip, and slides.

Have you checked that the front tyres are not over-inflated and thus reducing the area in contact with the road
Tyres are o.k, I was hoping somebody else was experiencing the same, and how they overcame it.

No confidence in the handling, feels like, and will loose front end as easy as pie.


Hi, I have a 2.0 TDCi in the Focus Estate
I also keep spinning the wheels, but that is my right foot being heavy -

I have done 50,000 miles in 14 months with it, and got through some tyres.
If you don't want to spin them then either go slower round the corner, or go up a gear so the revs are lower down out of the turbo boost.

Its a great engine, absolutly flying machine, looking out for the new 2.2 tdci.
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I would want to be sure the tracking and all the geometry is within given tolerances.

I happily chuck mine about with confidence.

I understand what you mean, I had a car with old and hard tyres which gave me horrendous understeer. New tyres, chuckability!!!

I think you need a geo. check. H.T.H.
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