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Brake lights are a safety feature that signal to other drivers that you are actively slowing your vehicle.
Doing what you describe would mean modifying that safety feature, which is illegal.
If your jurisdiction has vehicle safety inspections, you'd at least fail that inspection (with the attendant consequences) unless you're paying-off the inspector (with the attendant consequences).
I would recommend against trying it.

Ostensibly you're driving in L to maximize energy recovery when you're not accelerating (aka, coasting).
As a matter of physics, you'll never recover much of the energy you spent getting the car to move as you get with regenerative braking (either via the transmission or the pedal).
Coasting with the least resistance in order to maximize your distance is the best way to get the most value of the energy (i.e, battery charge) you expend.

If you're worried about other drivers, then use the brakes when they're behind you and coast otherwise.
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