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Ford Warranty?

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Just bought a 2006 1.8Ghia last week. 19 months old with just 7000 miles. Unfortunately, the service book shows that the 12 month/12000 miles service was not carried out, so I assume that would invalidate my warranty - can anyone tell me what the warranty period would have been? Does a new Ford carry a 3 year one? I am wondering if it's worth pursuing this with the Ford warranty people. Maybe if I take it into a Ford dealer now for a service I can get them to reinstate it?
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It's 3 years.

The service book isn't 'gospel'. Sometimes people forget to get it stamped. I've lost mine recently, so I've been investigating what happens in the event that I need some warranty work done. I've found out that every service at a main dealer should be logged on the Ford central database. A friendly dealer could check up your vehicle's service history for you, and possibly give you a print-out.
I chased mine up as my log book was missing a few stamps but was well serviced.The chap at the dealer gave me everything they had on the car from the previous 12 months.
As luck would have it, mine was a ex fleet car so I contacted Masterlease and after coughing up £11.75, they sent every single bit of service history that the car had from its first day. A solid Ford service history, right down the screws!
I contacted the ford dealership who originally supplied my car and it appears it's never been serviced. OK, it's only done 7000 miles, but has gone 6 months past its 12 month limit. I guess I'll put it into my local Ford for a service now (£150), and take my chances with arguing the toss if anything goes wrong with it in the next 18 months!
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