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I have a Ford fitted DVD Player in my 04 C-Max, it's officially called a "7500 Rear Seat Entertainment System", basically its given up the ghost and I would like to remove it and fit another.

Does anyone know how you remove it ? It has two screws which are the only two we can see, but it looks like it needs a special tool to fit them, it that the case, does it need to go to Ford Main dealer ?

Any advice would be great !!!



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The following is from the TIS disc
Without seeing I can't confirm but I believe you ought to be able to get security torq bits try
Digital Versatile Disc (DVD) Player<?: prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" />
The DVD player, video display and mounting console are supplied as a single unit. No attempt should be made to remove the DVD player or video display from the mounting console.

1. Remove the DVD player (security torx type) retaining screws.
2. Detach the DVD player from the headliner.
1 Slide the DVD player approximately 18mm towards the rear of the vehicle.
2 Pull the DVD player downwards to detach it.
3. Disconnect the DVD player electrical connector and remove the DVD player.

1. Connect the DVD electrical connector.
2. Note:
Make sure the DVD player retaining clips are installed correctly.
Align and attach the DVD player to the headliner.
Push the DVD player upwards to attach it.
3. Install the DVD player (security torx type) retaining screws.
Step 4 is only necessary if a new DVD player is being installed.
It is necessary to enter the last eleven characters/ numerals of the vehicle identification number (VIN).
4. Carry out the following steps to enter the VIN.
1 Press the 'VOL' control repeatedly until the first character of the VIN is shown in the display (this control can be used to scroll up/down through the characters).
2 Press the 'NEXT' button to move onto the next character, enter the character in the same way as in the previous step, and continue for the remaining characters until the complete correct VIN is shown. Pressing 'PREV' will move to the previous character.
3 Note:
The VIN entry is permitted ONLY ONCE - there are 2 requests for confirmation to allow the input of the correct VIN. Once stored, the VIN CANNOT be changed.
When all the characters have been selected, press the 'AUX' button. To enter the VIN, press 'AUX' again to confirm the VIN is correct.
5. Enter the DVD player keycode. For additional information, refer to the Operating Guide.
6. Secure the DVD display screen to the mounting console.
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