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Fog Lighs not working

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My fog lights are not working on my 04 c max and i have not got a wireing diagram to show which fuse it could be.
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I think if you look at the fuse box under the glove box,it is Fuse F44
It`s a 20amp and is for both front & rear fogs.
My TIS disc sas f69 but otherwise all correct
There are several other tests depending on if the fuse is OK
There is an approc location diagram from the disc as well if you need it
You are probably right Richard,I don`t have a TIS disc!
Ah but without your pointer as to where to start I'd probably have been looking for quite a while.

If the content of the TIS helps then I'm very happy to share it with everyone
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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