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Fitting a Towbar

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Hello everyone,

I want to fit a towbar to my 04 c-max 1.6 zetec to pull a Caravan.

Can anyone please tell me if there are pre wired looms to plug into or will i have to cut into existing electrics.
Thanks in advance
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Hi, I have just had a towbar fitted to my 2.0ltr Ghia Cmax and the guy took out the panel, which looks like a cubby hole, and fitted the wiring to an existing 12volt socket.  It means that when I am towing and have the fridge on, I cannot plug anything into the back 12volt socket but I can use it when not in towing mode.  He also fitted a relay to the same loom as I was concerned there may be a cam bus on the Cmax.  Apparently there is one fitted but it is not affected when attaqching towbar electrics.
If you have an indespension agent near you try them
for just over £200 you can have the bar with both 12N & 12S sockets
Not sure if it comes with the split charge relay for the 12V charging for the standby battery for a fridge in the "van"
Hi cus i couldnt find one when i did mine and the local fitter says most dont. I wired up the 12s (white) to the 12volt rear cig lighter using a proper voltage sensing relay. The 12n (black) i put in a 7 Way Bypass Relay that was fed from a 12volt supply on the lefthand side of the boot behind the trim. Total time took about 5 hours but i was going slow as its only the second towbar i`ve fitted. I`m near peterborough myself so if you want to come and have a look just pm me. The local fitter is PVS at werrington when you buy from him he gives his notes so you can follow what he did on the c-max i might have mine around here somewhere. Hope this helps
I will be fitting a tow bar on my c max soon, but am not sure how to remove the boot side panel to do the electrics. Can you help?
There was a post not too long ago about removing the side trims.

Remove t20 Torx sgrews located in cubby holes in rear trims, pull off rubber boot seal around trims and pull away.
Literally as simple as that.
Take care when refitteing, there are long plastic locating dowels that slot into the body.
thanks for that, I will have look at the weekend. Steve
Got mine fitted by a Towbar specialist for £153 all in
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