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Fitting a dog guard

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Hi all
I just stumbled across this site, and am hoping to get some help. I own an 07 c-max (original shape)and have bought an integral dog guard (original ford part)off e-bay. It did not have the fittings needed for in the headliner (or any mention of them), and now I have purchased then I need to fit them. Has anyone ever fitted one of these and if so do they have the cutting template still. So far the ford dealers have not been to helpful, in obtaining a template, and won't fit it for me unless have a template.

Alternatively if anyone in the surrey area has one fitted cuould they either trace a template showing the location or allow me to.

I hope someone out there can help. The car is fantastic, and keeping the dog in the back will keep it that way.

thanks in advance
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I had the same problem - eventually I found 1 Ford dealer who knew about it.
There is unfortuanely no template. The whole job, to fit both fittings took me about half an hour.
If you unclip the plastic covers inside the boot (the ones to remove to change rear light bulbs) and slide them along as far as you can because the seat belt runs through them.
Unscrew the surround for the third seatbelt in the roof and remove it.
remove the rubber strip around the top half of the boot.
This will allow you to gently ease down the rear of the rooflining. You will then be able to see the wounting brackets in the roof space.
All I did was to push a small, sharp screwdriver through the headlining into the centre of the bracket in the roof and then very gently, using a sharp stanley knife, cut out a little bit at a time around the hole I had made with the screwwdriver. As the hole got bigger, I was able to see the bracket and then enlarge the hole until the plastic clips pushed in.
You will need to be careful as one wrong slip with the knife will ruin the headling - also be careful because of the side airbags which are behind the headlining.
It's not a difficult job. Hope this helps
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many thanks for that.. I followed your advice and the guard is now fitted. You saved me a lot of frustration and money.
If only the numerous Ford Dealers I visited could have been so helpful.

Thanks again
I'm new to the forum and I am having the same problem with the dog guard, the problem is I don't know what I'm missing ( I bought it off ebay) - all I have is the dog guard itself - can anyone help before I go completely mad.
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