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Faulty parking break sensor

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Hi Guys,

Just picked up my 05 2.0 tdci c-max and love it. There is one problem though and thats the sensor that illuminates the parking brake light appears to be faulty. While I was parked i noticed it intermittently flash as if there was a loose connection and then go off. I havent been able to get it illuminate since.

I dont want to have to take it back to the dealer as thats a 70 mile round trip and i would think this could be an easy diy fix.

does anyone know how easy this actually would be? If so how anyone know where this is located?

Any help apreciated!

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Do you have the manual if so just look in there i think its new pads on the brakes but i could be wrong it used to be an orange light for that in my old car.

I have the cars manual but theres nothing in there about this fault.

Its nothing to do with the actual brakes as hte problem is intermittent.
The switch for this light on previous cars I've had was located on / around the handbrake itself
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