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EPB problem

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If this has been answered elsewhere, apologies but would be grateful if someone could point me in the right direction.

I have a 1.8 C-Max Ghia 56 plate. When I started the car tonight, the EPN failure warning displayed. It was only for a moment and I am still able to use it as per usual but when I release the EPB, there is now this new noise that accompanies the usual whine, a bit like a squeak/creak (sorry, can't describe it only that it wasn't there before the failure warning came on)

Has anybody else had this and should I be rushing to the dealer or treat it as a one off glitch?

Thanks in advance
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Hi thepm1962,

Could you have a similar problem to the one I am currently experiencing ? .... I to have the 1.8 Ghia.


Did you ever get the problem resolved ? ... if so what was the cause ??

EPB is a nightmare I have 1.8 ghia that has had endless problems to do with it. I dont know what the problem is but in my experience if you have warrenty use it. I would have it looked at as parts to do with epb are very costly and if they can be sorted out under warrenty you will save a fortune.
I`m so glad I have a proper handbrake.I sympathise with all of you who have problems.
Thanks for your replies and the tea and sympathy
- I got it looked at as not long after I asked the question, it totally failed. I managed to get it going again using the over-ridewhich meantlifting out the centre console etc. Thankfully I am still under warranty (the EPB is 2 years apparently and mine runs out in November. They did detect a 'fault' and they 'upgraded the software' (I hope it's not like Microsoft when they release programs with bugs galore in them) and so far it's working fine; in fact it's even better when I first got the car - that distinctive whine when applying the EPB is hardly there at all now.
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I had an ultima with the epb and the module packed in twice, last time 1 month before end of warrenty, needless to say it was p/exed. Very costly when not in warrenty.
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