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Enthusiastic female!!

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I'm a female that loves cars - we're a rare breed!!

Have a 54 plate C-Max 1.6tdci cvt (american auto box). Had my baby for a year now and am still having lots of fun with her!!
Looking to add body kit and respray in the near future.

Have been looking at chipping to improve performance, has anyone done this? Can anyone help with what system to go for/ what company to use etc?

Many thanks
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Try a company called Celtic Tuning, they're very good.

They remapped my Leon Cupra TDI, cost about £300 and they are mobile so they will come to your house or work place to do it.

Is yours the 88 bhp or 107 bhp model?

109bhp. Have seen on net, chips you just 'plug in'.
Would like to know if any good? Or a waste of time and money?
Celtic Tuning one to consider though.

at least one person on this forum has one of these fitted allbeit to a 2.0L TDCi

Over to you Metal
HI there,the tunit system only works on diesel engines.If you want to chip a petrol C-Max try superchip.If it`s bits to make your motor look fabinside & out try
I`ll look up some places for rechipping in a while.
Right,had a look.
The only other place I can find for Diesel performance is DTUK at

I have not dealt with them so can`t really tell you much.
Tunit,which I have,is a digital box that you connect to engine.It has 10 settings ranging from 0 (off) to 9.
If you have the 1.6 Tdci with 110bhp,9 on the tunit will probably give you 160bhp,it will also take your tourqe up by similar margin.The improvement is is mainly noticed at about 1500/2000 rpm as on mine (2.0 TDCI Manual) if I`m doing 50 in 6th and put my foot down,I can be doing 70/80 VERY quickly.
As yours is a cvt box I imagine you would notice similar acceleration,although not as fierce.
From standing starts,I have to be careful or I will still be wheel spinning in 4th!I have mine set at 5and it is perfect..Mpg is around 45/50 in townif I don`t floor it and can easy get 55/60 on a run doing 75.
The down side is the cost,mine was £470.It took me 5 mins to fit andhas transformed the car.Even my wife who knows nothing about cars said shee could notice the difference straight away and was an improvement on standard (already impressive).
Hope all this helps you and anyone else who`s interested.
This kit would be particulaly useful to those who tow!!
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Ford say all add on`s invalidate any warranty,the beauty of the tunit is that it take seconds to remove before a service & seconds to reconect again afterwards.Also don`t forget to tell the insurance even though mine cost nothing more.
Hi and Welcome.

Another place that has had some great reviews is Diesel Bob.
Here is the direct link: http://www.dieselbob.co.uk/ecotune_special.asp
With the Tinit,when you change your car for a newer model,you can unplug the unit and put it on to your new one so you don`t have to fork out for another.Brilliant
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Sorry to be negative, but a word of warning.

The 1.6 Tdci 110 engine in standard tune puts out the maximum torque (240Nm) that the CFT23 Durashift CVTgearbox is designed to handle.

The gearbox is formed of a steel belt running between two sets of tapered pulleys that vary their diameter via a high pressure hydraulic system. Too much torque and the belt will slip. If it does - even slightly - it will wear in no time at all and break. The pressure on the pulleys to stop the belt slipping is designed for 240Nmtorque - no more. To handle more torque safely would need the whole gearbox to be redesigned.

From Ford, areplacement gearbox is at least £3,500!

My advice is, enjoy the car the way it is.
I've got a CVT auto - andthat's what I do.
That`s good to know for everyone with cvt box`s.
Hi & welcone to the club
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