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Hi to all Focus C-Max afficionados,
I'm new to this forum business, so bear with me if I don't use some of the latest technical jargon - I prefer to speak plainly.

I wonder if there's anyone out there who owns or uses a 2.0 litre TDCi C-Max - mine's a Ghia, but that's probably not relevant to the issue at hand. Unmodified, '04 plate, same as it came from the factory, except now 25,000 miles old.

The problem I have is that I can detect a transient engine vibration through steering wheel and pedals at about 1700-1800 rpm, perceptible in most gears, but most noticeable in 4th, when going through that range under gentle to moderate acceleration. At very gentle or hard acceleration, the engine vibration is not noticeable. The engine pulls spendidly at all revs above 1500 rpm, and generally I am very pleased with the car's performance and economy. I am convinced that this is not a transmission or wheel vibration, as it only ever happens at the same engine speed, 1700-1800 rpm.

I am concerned that the vibration appears to be gradually getting worse. I did mention it to the warranting local dealer within warranty, who said they could not find anything serious enough to justify action. This was even after a couple of test runs where I tried to demonstrate the problem (I could feel it), but they were unimpressed. They have however logged it as a potential issue at the end of its 3 yr warranty, in case of future serious problems, and the possible need to argue the point with Ford.

Has anyone noticed anything similar with this engine? Any relevant information would be welcome.


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When I was on holiday driving through France and Spain I noticed a 'thrumming' noise between 80 and 100 mph.

Being a legal sort I hadn't noticed it previously at 70mph, and it was fairly light and took me some time to identify.

Once I got down to the excellent new Spanish roads, wonderfully smooth
and well finished, I was able to identify a thrumming noise, a rhythmic
noise similar to a tired prop shaft in the old days, and to feel a
slight steering wheel shake too. It was only between 80 and 100mph, and
if I drove faster it went away. I sensibly limited myself to 125 mph
and that only occasionally when the wind etc was ideal, but the car was
quite willing and felt good.

My dealer tells me to take it to be balanced, and as it's a motability
vehicle (service is free to us) I will take it to Quickfit and have it
done shortly. I'm hoping it is a balancing thing as the tires are now
partly worn and could have changed a little since new.

TDCi Ghia, late 06 reg, 12500 miles recorded.


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Hello Dock

I have had the same problem , a strange vibration with a deep humming sound .
After changing all the engine supports (waranty) i never had the problem again .
maybe thats your problem aswell , go to the dealer and have the supports checked .


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Hi dock i think the rumble at 1800 to 2000 rpm is a common occurence i get it and then change gear maybe its something 2.0 tdci have in common at 2000rpm. I also have a rock steady idle at 800rpm but if i press the accelerator and try to idle at 1200 it coughs and splutters and carries on , when driving i dont notice hese things
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