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Engine Systems Fault

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A couple of days ago, I had just put the last lot Millers oil and filled up with diesel. Having just left and onto the dual carriageway,the LCD now shows "Engine Systems Fault" and a nice red light to boot is showing.
Now, she is performing as normal and still goes like a rocket. Plugged in the code reader to see what fault numbers it came up with.... nothing

Now, I'm wondering if, after using millers, that it has now done a thorough clean (and I must say that since using it, I have smoother engine and no EGR problems either) and one of the sensors is now covered in crap.
I also tried to reset by disconnecting the battery for over one hour, but fault remains.

Either way, will be handing it to my mechanic friend, who does warranty/servicing work for Ford, next week and see what the outcome is and what to look for next time incase it happens to you.
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hi mate what code reader have you got ? I`m still waiting for my elm 327 to arrive from china
had one for the old ford which was handy .
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I have this one:


I got mine from ebay (though the photo I have used here is from google, since this works computer bans anything from ebay
) and cost £27 delivered and it was next day.

Thought this would be a well worth investment for the future.
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Well my code reader failed to find any codes, so handed the keys over to friend to have a look in there "workshop".
Came back and he said that this is something that only the dealer can do

They had good look at the codes and this is what came back:
Fuel additive control system (mil) request perminate
Having had a trawl though the net, I think the codes were P2584, P2585 but feel free to correct me.
Now he thinks that it has run out or perhaps that the additive I used got the system in a twist (Millers additive).

Had a look through the TIS and found the location of the tank:

Why don't they make things simple

So does anyone have any thoughts or even been through this before?
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To have a fuel addative control system then you ought to have to have somewhre to put it in so that the system can control it

putting it in un measured amounts in the fuel tank is hardly "controlled2 to my mind. Are you sure this system is even for a UK model ?

Or it is there then why haven;t those where the addative been topped up given the alternative fault light by now?
I have been given a couple of links from the ffoc forum and all is making sense.
The pic in my previous post is the location of the additive tank, located underneath the car.
PSA and Ford do the same system and additive but can you guess which is cheaper?!
The links given are:
http://www.ilexa.co.uk/forum/index.php/topic,18691.0.htmlwhich means I'm not the only one to have had it and
[url]http://www.honestjohn.co.uk/forum/post/index.htm?v=e&t=32 008&m=335418[/url]
which explains about what and how the additive is used.

So Milners additive did not cause the system to get confused but perhaps using it will help it along.
What's the betting this is going to cost £200+

EDIT: missed one word out of that lot: "not" so have made bold and underlined for those who have read it.Edited by: lawe
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Blimey that seems complicated but i guess its how they get the emissions down. Will have a look this afternoon as i`m doing some jobs on mine before the holiday.
Just updated the post from this morning as I missed a word. Was in a rush to go and see Kung Fu Panda with my son this morning
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Just an update as I have more information, that will affect ALL diesel drivers

It would seem that the additive that we have is Diesel Particulate Filter additive that is refilled every third service or 37,000 mile service (whichever comes first). A 5 litrecontainer with pipes will cost..... £165.77
(Part number is 1337646 for info).

A more information about the stuff can be read here: http://www.jonfry.com/2005/08/diesel-particulate-filter.html

But to save reading all of it, here is the main quotes:
Ford already offers modern diesel particulate filter (DPF) systems on the newFord Focusand Focus C-MAX models. A DPF is now standard equipment for Ford's Duratorq 1.6-litre 109 PS TDCi engine, and optional on the 2.0-litre 136 PS variant. These systems rely on the use of a liquid additive to enable diesel particulates to oxidise at relatively low temperatures in the filter.

This part I have includedwhich, I think, might be for those with Mk II C-Max models although entitled for the Mondeo...

New 'Coated' DPF for Mondeo

The next Ford product to be equipped in production with a DPF system will be the Ford Mondeo

Although all Ford Mondeo Duratorq TDCi powertrains meet the most stringent Euro Stage IV emissions standard without a DPF, the popular 85 kW (115 PS) and 96 kW (130 PS) versions of the 2.0-litre, Duratorq TDCi engine will be offered with an optional new 'coated' (C-DPF) system from early 2006. In this system, the internal surface of the filter itself is coated with a catalyst to enable oxidation of particulates in the filter. A liquid additive, therefore, is not required.

Makes for interesting reading and also the ultimate question, how flipping much?

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Noy all the diesels have the DPF
If you have the engine emissions code S (at leart for the 1.6TDCI)in the 8th character in the VIN plate then you are bereft of such an expensive money trap
The later one did have though I can't remember what the emission cose is. It was in an much earlier set of posts
A further update for the scientifically curious
try http://www.google.co.uk/search?hl=en&q=adblue&meta=

"adblue" is what the big boys use now for Euro V and everything will probably get a whole lot more complicatted for Euro VI
Thanks Richard for the info, seems then this was one extra that should not of been on the options list then

Now I have heard of adblue, they use it on Enviro busesso wonder if I can syphon some off and put it in my CMax

Now I wonder if we can disable the tank? Perhaps not knowing Ford!
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Hi, have you used your fault code reader yet? I was looking to get one my self and was wondering if they were any good. I have a engine fault error which appears now and again and want to know what it is without being ripped of at a garage ?
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Hi Scim,
I have hooked up the reader but it would seem this fault does not register on the reader.l Might work on the smaller faults but it did not recognise this fault.
Well, the final update on this... All back to normal!

I made contact with a Ford specialst, based in Southampton and I can only but sing praises for them.
Dropped the car and he had the DPF additive wasall ready and waiting

He showed me what I was getting for the money and quite simply, 5 litre plastic container and a large selection or pipes.
3 hours later, which included a oil change, all done. No waiting all day just in, repaired and done
They also kindly printed out what was on the fault control to prove what was there and all reset.
The place in question is http://www.tremonagarage.com/
A LOT cheaper than Ford but has all the right equipment and a service area that is cleaner than I have ever seen.
You can guess that I will be going there for all my servicing that I cannot do!
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i have got the same P2585 error on my 55 C-MAX - has anyone done this re-fill them selves?
is it difficult? and do you still have to re-set the warning light?

Also do you have to get the stuff from ford or will the adblue be a possible substitute?
If so do you know where to get some?

Sorry for all the questions!

The car is under a 12 month warranty with customer protect - I haven't checked yet, but I bet it isn't covered - the Nationwide Autocentre who run the warranty couldn't even tell me what the error was!!

Cheers for any help
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You probably have to (have) the warning light reset
AS to using "Adcblue" you'd have to check the chemical spec of both (a little difficult I know)
As to where to get Adblue, just try putting Adblue & stockists into google
forgot the most important
It's unlikely to be a warranty item as it is being used as it should as a consumable item
Ah, Nationwide AutoCentre... anywaythey will know nothing as this is really a Ford job or a independentwith experience of Fords.
As Richard says, it is a consumable so no come back on them.
As for a DIY job, lets say I wouldn't.
Thanks for the info!
Ok.. Ford specialists, here I come!
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