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Engine swaps

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Hi i have a 1.8 duratec in a 08 cmax and was wondering if i could swap it out for a focus st engine, its just a thought for the future.
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Not sure,I think you will have to change the eggine mounts at very least.I had thought about putting an ST 2.5 in a C-Max,but health problems have put that thought back until at least this time next year.I want to do it for fun,why do you want to change the engine in an 08 car?
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Sorry,miss read your post,I see we think alike about the ST engine.
In neither case would the engine be chaep but would the same 2.5 from an Smax perhaps be an easier swap?
i just would not have the courage to tear a brand new car apartand another thing that would stop me would be my wife would kill me
I wouldn`t use a new C-Max,pref a very used one,as for engine,S-Max will do as it can be tuned to same output but I think an engine from an ST write off is the way to go.Gotta tell the wife it`s a project to keep me out of the kitchen & offering to help with the cooking
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Thanks guys i wont be doing it for a couple of years but sounds fun and will keep you posted on my progress.
Well just for you guys.....

I've contacted someone I know who works for "Fast Ford magazine" and I've posed the question to him, so when I get a reply back I'll let you know.

I don't imagine it to be an easy replacement because of the 'shape' of the engine bay. I mean, mine has a 2 litre petrol and there doesn't look like there is any space to add a turbo....
let alone what I imagine to be a slighter bigger engine.... certainy with bucket loads more power.

Just watch this space....

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Thinking about it, I wonder if the Focus ST170 engine (170bhp standard) would be a better fit.

Also thinking outside the box.... maybe thethe Fiesta ST (150bhp in standard form) could work as you can easily tune that out to the best part of 200 - 250bhp and could be a better fit.

Oh choices, choices.... Hmmmmm
Having watched Panorama last night I think we should be enquiring about whether the 1.2 Fiesta diesel will fit, or where to buy a horse.
But wheres the fun in that.....

Not that I've got a problem with the Fiesta or a smelly old horse for that matter.

Flippin' eck it takes me the best part of three hours to drive down to Cornwall to visit the in-laws in the car..... So how long would take by horse....?

Hmmmm, actually having a horse might be a good thing as i wouldn't have to visit them quite so much.....

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Just spoke to Tremona Garage in Southampton who are a local Ford and RS specialist and they have said stay away from the ST170 engine as it is rubbish.....

They have said the 5 cylinder engine from the ST is a great engine (because fundimentally its a volvo one) and as no-one has done the swap before they didn't know if it would a straight swap.

The major problems would be when it came to fabrication work it that was neededbecause would cause the cost to rocket......

It would be an awesome swap to do if youcan justify the money (after all I've seencustom cars where people have spent £20-£30K on a car that was never worth more that5 or 6)
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Doesn't the S-Max have the option of that 2.5 turbo
that'll give you an idea of the space needed. Perhaps a casae for finding a rear ended S Max and swapping the whole front end inc suspension
Yeah there is an S-Max with the <LABEL =ed for=_EAH_TA6>2.5 litre 220 BHP engine, I have checked with our local Ford dealer and even their Master Techdidn't know if they were the same engine....
so they are going away to check....!!!!!
<LABEL =ed for=_EA5_TAV>

Surely they must be the same engineas I can't imagine Ford making 2 different 2.5 litre engine. They might just have different engine set ups....

When I hear anything back I let you all know.
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Right, just had a phone call back and basically both engines are 5 cylinder in-line 20v turdo, but the S-Max is tuned to 220bhp,and the ST isto 225bhp.

The other differences apart from the engine tuning is the gearbox, as although both have a 6 speed the gear ratios could be different too. So it is likely to be a completeswap of the engine, gearbox, and plenty of wiring from the loom I expect....

So Richard, you're probably right in saying that the best motor to go for would be the one from the S-Max.
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If I remember correctly they are the Volvo unit that Ford got their hands on when they bought volvo

That's right, and is probably why its far superior to any "Ford" engine you can get...

My local Ford/ RS specialist says avoid the ST170 engine as it is basically cr4p..!!!!!
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