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Hi Everyone!<?: prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" />

Really glad I found this site. Hopepeople can help.

Perhaps someone had a similar problem.

I Have a ford c-max, Zetec automatic 2.0

Just bought recently...

Drove for a few days. Battery went flat. Had to jump start it a few times.

Then battery went completely down. Took it to the local mechanic. Had to change alternator and put new battery.

He could not fix the engine misfire, the engine service light is on, interior lights not working, headlights, too and the same with central locking.

Feels like there is general problem with electrics and engine. The misfire keeps coming back time from time and it's always difficult to start the car.

Mechanic didn't had a proper Ford computer. So could not say what the fault was.

I'm just wondering what the problem might be and will it cost me a fortune to fix at the ford's.

Could it be a body module blown or something similar!

Anyone's got any ideas!

Help if you can ... ;)

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Sounds like your having a rough time.

First off, have you checked the fuses that control the internal lights/headlights/central locking?
Sounds as if this has blown, poss when the alternator was changed.

Second, if you bought this car recently, did you buy from a dealer? If so and it was very recently, take it back and ask for it to be checked.
If not, then ring a Ford dealer or one that has the right equipment so that they can see what fault codes are on it and go from there.

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Thanx a lot...
yes, I think best option is to take it to the dealer and see what the fault is...
They have a proper computer...

Fuses are ok...

I just dont want to be ripped off big time...

Last garage paid aslmost a grand...

Hope the fault is something minor...

I bought the car privately, knwoing that its faulty...took a risk, now paying a price

take care
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