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Engine cover removal.

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Hi all,

I want to service my car (1.8 petrol), and change the spark plugs, but I am halted immediately by the engine cover which I can't figure out how to get it off.

It is the oil filler spout that stops it coming off, i notice that the spoutcan swivel to point to the near side of the car, but don't want to pull too hard in case that isn't the correct way to sort the problem.

Any advice wouldbegreatlyappreciated.
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I think you turn the oil filter spout to the left and it will justcome off. You can then remove cover.
Oh nice to meet you and welcome to the ever growing club
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Here is the diagram from the TIS and to confirm what Mj has said:

Hope this helps!
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you just put your habds either side of the cover at the bottom and pull up its only held on by 3 or 4 points. only thing i would say is be carefull when putting it back as the sound proofing rips off and then makes it very hard to put back after as some donley did with mine before i owned it probably ford
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