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Engine cover, i haven't got one

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I didn't get an engine cover with my car when i bought it.

Any ideas please where i might get one?

It's not essential but i thinkit does finish of the engine bay.

thanks, Ken
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E Bay has loads
My '54 2.0 tdci originally had a cover which was missing when I bought the car from our local Ford Dealer. They agreed there had been one due to the used fittings and said they would take one from another carif theygot one in.
It seems that not all engines had them. Depends on the date but, like you, I felt it looked better. Some sound deadening also.
Needless to say, the dealer, being a Ford dealer, I waited, chased and hectored them to no avail. In the end I paid for a new one. Having had a lot of other issues sorted by them and so as not to lose goodwill I paid cost. About £30.
I looked on ebay and breakers yards and found many and various covers for any engine but mine. They are very hard to find used in my experience and thought a new one would do for me. I shall make sure that when it goes in for service or whatever I remove my cover so it doesn't get'lost'.
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I didn`t get one with my 53 plate 2.0TDCI,apparantly the cover didn`t fit on some early models.
Thanks for that.

Yeah perhaps it didn't have one in the first place.

I notice that quite a few mondeo tdci's didn't have them aswell.

Not that i'm an under the bonnet voyuer, its just that we have quite a range of tdci's at work. And no they haven't got and engine cover for me.

i'll have a look around though.
I have one on mine a o4 ghia
Had one on my 06 1.8TDCi and there's one on my 081.8TDCi too.
i did not have one with my titanium.

I didn't have one on my 2004 1.6TDCi, so I enquired at Ford about getting one.
The cover was about £40, and it also needed two metal supports to be fitted, and also 2 nuts. Total cost was about £60. I'll have a dig around and see if I can find the part numbers.
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not all
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Got one on my 1.8 petrol/flexifuel engine, April 2008.
I've got one on my 2006, 2.0 litre Ghia petrol as well.

Maybe for me it was 'one of the extras' you get for going for a higher spec..

That way Ford can up the price over the Zetec by about £500

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