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problems with my 55 late cmax, when it is wet. Can park the car up and
the wipers will start to move on own, lights flash etc. Engine then
will not start. If you get the engine to start will not turn off.
Disconnect the battary but still the same once reconnected.

Has been into the ford dealer a number of times still not resolved.

Has any one had the same thing and got a fix for it.

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I haven't had the problem with this car but have had similar in the past

As you make comment about can't turn the engine off I suspect that it is petrol and not diesel (but prove me wrong)

Which lights flash when they do so. Is it anything but side and tail lights?

For the wipers to start by themselves I think requires a feed to close the "park circuit" something that I thought only the wiper switch could do

What I am thinking is that there is a path for moisutre (water) onto the switches on the steering column that is causing a strange earth path. I'm wondering if there is a leak around the sealing of the windscreen on the drivers side

Good luck
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