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Hello all, I had the above Focus C-Max 1.8TdCi Zetec in Sea Grey with factory fixed towbar. Driving home on 21st July I got stuck in the floods and locked the engine up as well as getting water in the interior. Julian's of Didcot got the car running and I had it back for 3 weeks, then it started to have what seemed like a misfire when cold. It went back to Julians, the insurance assessor saw it and wrote it off! As it must have been cat D it will reappear on the roads at some point. If you get it or see it, can you post me a reply? I've ordered a replacement new C-Max 1.8TdCi to replace it.
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Update: Looking on the DVLA website I see that this car is now on SORN, meaning that it could have been sold to a private individualas the motor trade doesn't have to SORN vehicles. (I think!)
She lives! Back on the DVLA website the car is now taxed again.
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