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My 2004 1.8 ghia 35,000 miles has just cost me a packet.In November the alternator was replaced after making a whining noise for several weeks accompanied by warning messages of EPB failure. Together with new rear brake pads-£330. A couple of weeks ago the car was completely disabled with "engine systems failure" displayed. The electric handbrake was of course on and the emergency release didn't work. The car was towed backwards by the rescue service to the Ford agent. Result a new ecu at a cost of £850. Two days later the handbrake failure warning showed again and the brake could not be released. Towed away again! It was discovered that the wiring to the actuator unit for the parking brake had been chafing on the brake pipe and was short circuiting intermittently.(Did this contribute to the ecu failure? Just coincidence said the garage).To replace the wiring would have cost another fortune so the garage taped it up securely(I hope)!
After all this I considered getting rid of the car, but I enjoy driving it,it goes like the wind and has bags of room. Now, if only there was less road noise and the mystery clonking could be cured it would be a very good car, provided I don't have to replace anything else for a long time of course.
Hope my experiences will be of use to others.
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