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Easy Waxing of Your Max

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Got dragged round shops last weekend & managed to wander off & found this gem.
It`s called Rinse Off Wax & is by Simoniz.
Gave car damm good wash them got out the new stuff.
It differs cos after you have washed the car & hosed it down,you don`t dry the car,but put this wax on straight away.Once you have got it on,rinse the car again then leather it down.You`ll be amazed by the finish ( I was
It really saves time & out of a 500ml bottle ,I only used about 50ml, so it`s economical too.
Oh yes,the cost.
Wait for it


You can get it from most spares shops although I got mine from Wilkinsons.
Defo get some more when it runs out.
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You can do something similar with Mer I found out, I washed it, applied Mer whilst wet but once it had dried it smeared and was a pain to buff up to a nice shine, I then rinsed and chamoised, cam up really good!
Drawback being the £10 I paid for it, although it is easier to remove if applied to a dry car!.
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Doesn't MER say on the bottle that you can add it to the water ?
I remmeber a previous Simoniz wax that worked best if you put it on whil ethe car was wet. I was green but I can't remember the name
Chris said:
Doesn't MER say on the bottle that you can add it to the water ?
Yeah, you can use a capful into a freshbucket AFTER shampooing.
I used to really like it, as you could apply it in bright sunshine, but now I have a Black car it shows up any smear etc...
I had some stuff by them years ago called Liquid Diamond.It came in 2 seperate bottles & you had to put one lot on then the other.It was good but hell of a lot of effort.This new one is a cream colour in a black bottle.
had a wander round wilko today looking for the car polish but theres none in the torquay branch, will have another look around next week, sounds like good stuff !!
For a good base i use Autoglym polish.

For the shine and durability i use Lahege banana wax "this is a extremly easy to use wax" made for show cars, cheap no, but the car is done in 15 min and shines like it is new :)

Dont stick and leave white resedue on black plastic either :)
I`ve used Autoglym for years but the cost has gone up over the last couple of years which is why I started looking around.
Before I got the new Simonez product I used Liquid ice.This is a great polish as you can put it on even in bright sunlight although it is about £15 a bottle.Saying that,you don`t need much to cover a complete car.
i'm a bit anal when it comes to car cleaning, but because I do 25,000 miles a year to keep the car looking good it pays to use premium detailing products. I wax with Collinite 476 . This is an American wax which is used on boats and gives a high gloss finish. not easy to apply,but even on a daily driver will still look good after 6 months and bead nicely. I use Meguirs APC for cleaning external plastics and carpets.
You can see the shine from the Colliniteon this picture of my 11 yearweekend car -BMW z3.
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Olliesgrandad - That is some shine on your C-Max.

Personally I use autoglym or Turtlewax Wax. For polishing the C-Max I tend to use diffrent polishes, my favourite being Turtle Wax Ice polish as it is clear polish, just like water and you can apply in direct sunlight as well.

Otherwise I use Autoglym or Demon shine (Demon Shine you add to your rinsing bucket and shammy the car off.)

Hopefully I will get the car cleaned and polished maybe Sunday Evening or next week.


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Davy,Try using meguirs APC for cleaning your interior.
It costs about £13 for a large plastic container and you then dilute it down.
We use it in the house for cleaning both hard surfaces and carpets.
It is available mail order and is used by a lot of professional detailers.
I have been buying a lot of my car cleaning items from the net and have found that the professional cleaning products are much better than those sold in Halfords.
Many are American and I use Eze wheel cleaning brushes which are flexible and non scratch, Bilberry wheel cleaner is a very effective but non acid productI use all the time.
Elite Car care and motorgeek are 2 suppliersI have used.
For tar removal from paintwork there is a product called Tardis -this is excellent. It is sold by a trade supplier whose name currently escapes me.
These products papear to be expensiver, but because they are concentrated and last a long time in domestic use they no doubt work out cheaper in the long run.
Detailing World website is a great place to visit if you want tips on cleaning and would like to see what the pro's can do!
Regards Les
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No need for any hose pipes, buckets wellies shampoo. I use EUREKA WATERLESS CLEANER from Ideal World (channel 22 freeview). You do not even have to wash the car at all. You spray it straight onto the dirty (or clean car) and wipe off with multi fibre cloth then buff with another one. The magic liquid contains Carnauba Wax and Kaolin clay.
The kaolin clay encapsulates the dirt and the carnauba wax does the rest, I recently did all of my nieces filthy black renault to a showroom shine, with a gloss beyond belief! You can wax your car when ever you want, just do bits at a time if your waiting somewhere or even stuck in gridlock. It forms a protective layer too, from bird poo tar etc.I have used it for 12 months now and so do some of my neighbours. Look up carnauba wax on the internet.
I would'nt say it works if it does'nt. After all, the muck comes off using water and a sponge normally so surely covering the dirt inthis kaolin clay first is safer? It does'nt leave any smears at all.Remember c-max owners your car needs the best, no hosepipe no wellies,no shampoo
just two cloths and a bottle of eureka waterless cleaner. I'm not a rep I am retired with nackered lungs and this spray allows me to clean my c-max at my own pace. It is also known as showroon shine. Absolutely no chemicals non toxic. Works on glass mirrors, anywhere.
I have 2litre auto zetec apr 10 and would never risk this if I did.nt trust it. Happy driving
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How much is this product?
Must admit I have heard good things but never used it myself.
My dad has something like this that he got from ideal world/QVC where you do not need any water, I've yet to try it.

I'm going to be cleaning the C-Max this weekend, and giving it a polish and wax and trying to remove some tar spots as well, need to t-cut a couple of scratches out as well.
I think it`s the same stuff.
The thing that puts me off is the high cost of postage.What you save on the product you pay for in the post.
I once got a digital camera & ended up paying £15 for post & saw the same camera 2 months later being sold at only £5 more.
Win some,lose some.
hi MM
Sorry for delay answering i've been too busy!! The postage with Ideal World is normally £6. I useually buy 3 litres at a time at about £15 each.
You should be able to wax and clean car 3 times per bottle or more.
I cannot see the product on Ideal World at the moment, i'll try and tell you when it comes on, you can buy it under the name of Proshine, I think thats the same stuff. If you type in Pro-shine on you tube you'll see loads of video clips showing it being used.
hall 13

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Personally I am very dubious about the use of such products on my paintwork. I wonder if it would lead to microscopic scratches in the laquer coat.
The proshine video shows a guy spraying cellulose paint onto his recently cleaned car and then removing it easily with proshine! On that basis it must have some powerful chemicals to do that........
I also think that £50 for a year's supply (Proshine)to wash one car is fairly pricey.
You cannot wash the winter salt and mudoff under the wheelarches etc. which is a big minus if you wish to preserve the life of the vehicle.
For a quick spruce up between washes - whilst on holday for instance then this is probably ok.
If one is unable due to health to use traditoinal methods then I can understand people using such products , but only in conjunction with the occassional traditional wash at a handwash perhaps..
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Thanks for you reply,
As for chemicals there is'nt any just carnauba wax and kaolin clay. Years ago I had just waxed my volvo big time, over night someone sprayed the car with gold spray paint!! it came off with just a quick wipe with cloth. I think all waxs have this same effect for a while anyway. I used some of this product on my max yesturday, maybe I could try some spray paint under the bumper or somewhere not too noticable. I'll tell you if I do. and I'll photograph it. Your max sounds cool.
10 c-max ocean blue auto 145bhp 19 miles per gall!
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