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drumming and squeak

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hi has anyone come across this problem. when the car gets warm and you are travelling at around 40mph and turn into a left hand corner, you get a metal like squaking noisrewhich seems to come from the rear wheels. the front and rear pads have been checked and the rears where replaced a month ago. when you try to touch the disc`s they are red hot.
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Take it back ASAP.sounds like one of the calipers is sticking
.This could be Very Serious!!!
You could end up with brake failure or even it could even catch fire due to heat build up.
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Hello & welcome ny the way
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you did mean both discs rather than just one

how worn were the rear pads and is your hand brake the "normal" cable operated version

not being certain as to where the hand brake actually operates. This isn't adjusted up just a little bit too tight so that the pads are partially rubbing all the time
with reference to the disk been hot it is all disc`s not just the rear. the handbrake is standard cable type. there is no smell of burning or even any brake fade.

The car has covered 76k if this is any help. I have looked at the rear disc`s and they do look more worn down that the front ones.
If the front and rear discs are about the same temperature then I would suggest you can rule out an effect of changing the rear pads and also I think the calipers are all working to a similar state

Were the discs actually glowing a dull red colour (what "Red Hot" actually means aI have seen front discs like this after a very extensive sequence of high speed heavy braking) or were they too hot to touch

Does it only happen when turning left or when turning right as well and does it happen with only the driver or with afront seat passenger?

I am wondering given the mileage about any of the rear axle locating components and any of the anti roll bars
It might be either the stub axle or the hub if it`s not the calipers.
the fault occurs when the car is full and with only driver present. it does only occur in left hand turns. the disc are not glowing at all, just very hot to touch.
thanks to everyone for there help in solving my problem. The car went back to the garage and found one rear tyre had gone out of shape and that one of the clips which keeps the pads loacated had come detached and was restricting the pads from floating back once pressure had been relaesed.
Had two new tryes fitted on the rear drumming noise gone and touch wood no squealing noise.

A big thanks again.
Perhaps the other associated worry was a tyre going out of shape especially on the rear
Which brand and do you have an estimate of the mileage it had done?
Sounds to me like whoever changed the rear pads wasn't very careful and didn't put the clip back right.

If it wasn't you, could you get some sort of recompense from whoever did do it ? The tyre going out of shape may have been from it getting overheated with the pads not working properly.
As this has a possible occured time of only a month and as all the discs were said to be about the same temperature when checked I don't think that the clip was actually restricting the pad movement enough to make substantial difference (that disc would have been very much hotter and with large amounts of brake dust present)

Thus there seems only a vague possible link between an out of shape tyre and the heat even allowing for the affected tyre to have been fitted to the corner affected by the pads
Was there any damage to the wheel itself? Could be it had been curbed at speed.
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