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door mirroers with lights

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Hello can anybody tell me if it is possible to fit the new door mirrors with lights to a 56 plate 1.8 tdci style? Will the wiring already be there or will there be a lot of messing involved?

Thanks, Chris.
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hi chris we have a 54 plate 2.0l tdci ghia with the mirror lights fitted. not sure if yours will need any wiring as they wereon the car when fitted but i think the ghias have them fitted as standard. you could go and ask ford if your mirrors are the same part number as a ghia model.
Thanks for that, it is in for service in a couple of days so I will ask the question......Chris.
Do those with mirror lights also have the mirror indicator side repeaters rather than body?

I looked at the mirror repeaters and I believe that you would have to have a new pair of the door mirror switch module in the door arms which rather put it out of considerration
Had its 2 year service today (£197). asked the dealers about mirrors with lights, the only thing they said was that he doesnt think the wiring would be there. Might just email ford with registration number and ask them to confirm either way........Chris.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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