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diesel particulate filter

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hi all
can someone please tell me how or if the 2.0 tdci 54 plate has one of these DPF fitted?
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I think you'll probably have to get a ford dealer to check the engine emissions code for you.

Any dealer should be able to do so by put the reg no in to their database of all ford cars,

With the 1.6 there has been a post elswhere as to which engine code means what and which thus has the particulate filter
thanks richard
will go and pay ford a visit
I have a 53 plate 2.0 TDCI and it`s fitted with DPF
Fuel is a hydrocarbon (closely defined as Octane which has the chemical formula C8H18)

when it burns you thus get CO2 (Carbon Dioxide), H2O (Water), CO (Carbon Monoxide) and some C (Pure Carbon) (OK you'll get various oxides of Nitrogen due to the presence of Nitrogen in the air)

The pure carbon manifests itself as small black particulates which is what the filter helps to remove due the carcniogenic nature of this item
an addition
I should also have added there is I believe a catalyst converter that then further re-burns this carbon to also help reduce the amount
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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