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dazzle from fascia

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In bright sunlight, I fine the dazzle in the windsscreen from the elephant grey fascia not only annoying but positively dangerous. Has anyone tried reducing this with, say, a black velvet duster or any form of p[aint?
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I have had lots of problems with my car but my dash blinding me I have not had thatone.
Has it got some kind of polish on it that makes it shine ?If so cant you just wipe it off.

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Hi & welcome,I read on one of the posts about this subject that neat washing up liquid rubbed on the surface would cure the problem.Have a look through the list of posts to see if I`m right.
First off hi and welcome! Not far from me as well!!
The post in question is this: http://www.cmaxownersclub.co.uk/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=1193

If your dashboard has been valeted and they put the shine stuff on then a tip I found was small amount of washing up liquid and damp cloth to remove the oil shine.
Then use a matt finish spray cleaner to look after it.
I knew one of you had sorted it
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Thanks tomy respondents for their help; I'm very grateful. The most suggested remedy was to use washing-up liquid to remove what I now guess was some polish put on as valeting. I explained to my wife how valuable the internet was for such queries & she said that for greasy hobs, windows etc she sprayed with neat vinegar & then rubbed it down. Thinking this might be easier to clean up than washing-up liquid, I thought I'd try it first! I have been very pleased with the result & feel more confident with the car in bright sunshinenow.
Thank you all again.
I`m sure I speak for everyone & say `our pleasure` to help
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