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Dashboard Temp Readout

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hope someone can help, I will be picking up my new cmax style on 1st September 2008. When I took a look at the car today, on the dash it tells me the outside temperature of the car. It reads in farenheitis there any way to change it to celsius. I do not understandfarenheit at all.

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yeah mate got my style 4 weeks ago (love it) you can change it on the stalk to celsius, and lots of other things too. Cracking motors these .
Hello & welcome.Any time you need help/advice just post a message.One of us is sure to supply answer
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Thanks so much, feel like a little kid on Christmas Eve at the moment, been awake ages, its only 9am, picking my car up at 12.30 thanks for your answer,
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What model & engine you gone for?
Hi Paul40 and welcome!
Hope the new car is going great, what version did you get?
Dear all,
just a thought but I picked up my CMax 1.8 TDi Titanium back in July and as already described set it onto metric so that I would ge the temperature in Celcius but his also had the effect of changing the miles per gallon (MPG) readout from Imperial (Gallons) to Litres per Kilometer. I rang my dealer (who confirmed) and said they could not help. Then rang a dealer technical line and they said there was nothing that can be done. Be interested if anyone else has come across this dilemna as here in UK we are a mixture of both Imperial & metric.
Don't wory it can be done I had the same issue. Change the trip computer etc to MPG. Toggle through the menu until only the temperature is displayed. Press and hold the set/reset button until the display changes to celcius. EASY!

I had the cmax style, 1.6 petrol, I love it, far more comfortable than my old cmax, wasted fuel today, just driving round for the sake of it, LOL. 120 miles on the clock now, can't remember my old password, hence the new id.
I had the same problem yesterday, I certainly do not want it showing km on the trip when I change it to imperial. Just sorted the problem, someone left me a message saying turn the dial to temp, then press the button, you have to press it around 5 seconds to change to celcius.
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