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Dashboard display

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Hallo Everyone

I've recently bought a near new 1.6tdci and hope somebody can confirm the following:
After locking the car with the remote key I noticed that the information display was still illuminated (only noticed when dark} and stayed that way for nearly 20 minutes before going out.
The garage that I had the car from said that this was normal but would appreciate any comments from fellow members in case there is a problem with the car.

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This IS normal,don`t worry.All it means is that the system {ECU} is powering down.

Thanks for such a quick response. Always more re-assuring to get information from other owners.

I was told this was so after filling up at the pump you could look in and get your mileage. Not sure how true that was though!
Hi guys,

sorry to ressurect such an old post but i've just picked up a C-max for my old dad and he's worrying me to death because this light stays on so long.

Is it defo that it should stay on for 20 minutes or so, or is it just some c-max's.

thanks for your help

Quite normal, TADTS. (they all do that, sir.)
Good question. I noticed this for the first time last night after we picked up our new (used) c-max. Good to hear it is normal.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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