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dashboard cover

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hi all i need some help the dashboard cover or little compartment on top of the dash on the passenger side has stopped shutting flush and is leaving a half inch gapat the drivers end this is driving me mad as there seems to be two plastic clips which dont seem to be fixed together, does any know if i can get the plastic bits or will i need a new metal part?
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I have had the same issue. There aretwo black plastic bits which act as stopson the metal springythingies..my two bits were actually one brokenpiece folding around the lid stop. To cut a long ramble short, I went to ask if the clips were availible. The answer was no, a whole new lid complete would include the offending plastic bits!! I managed to find a piece of similar shaped plastic ( 1960's plastic rawlplugs.) and used it to hold the lid shut, It has been o.k. but I must say that I do not use the storage which seems a bit of an after thought. Imagine a bar of chocolate left in there? Mmmnnnn. chocolate............ G'night.
i have a o4 ghia and thelid on my dashboard warps when it is sunny
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