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Danish C-max Owner - New

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Just found this forum, and wanted to introduce myself, since it looks very interesting.

Have a stock Focus C-max Trend 2,0 TDCi 2004.

Has it modded with 30mm eibach lowering kit - 18" Ford 10-spoke rims - Orig. Bi-xenon headlights 6000k (after-fitted ) - RS- front bumper - Panther black side repeaters - chrome lists on heck and chrome licenseplate holders.

The cars drives great, and has it reacentlly on a roll test machine ( don´t know the english word ) it had 111kw = 152 Horsepowers and 365NM.

I have the EGR valve problem, and I found this site searching for a problemsolving solution, since mý local ford dealership takes 75 £ an hour.., but will post a topic on this later.

sorry if the english isn´t very good.
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You english is orobably a lot better than our Danish would be
The word you wer looking for is "Rolling road"

you might also like to try here
and a lot better than my typing effort
of course orobably should be probably
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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