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Creaky / Dry Door Seals on 08 CMAX

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My new CMAX seems to be suffering from Creaky / Dry door seals. Especially the rear ones. Has anyone had this and have a suggestion as to what to do to fix the issue?

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yes i had this problem and i was advised and this is no joke and it did actually work and i do it regually now asthe creaking drove me madyou use vasaline put it on a cloth and wipe it around all the door rubbers seals and it does stop it sound really stupid but it really works
oh this also cam be done with the boot seal as my booy used to creek when driving put vasaline on it and but no longer creeks
I've used washing up liquid as well in similar circumstances
Been down this avenue before!
The best thing to use for rubber seals is Silicone Spray.

Superb stuff that costs about £4.50 per can and does not dry out, like WD40 for example.
Halfords do there own brand as well as the one above.
Just spray this onto a cloth and place it upon the rubber seals. Last for ages.
Used this stuff as well to keep the windows moving up and down smoothly.
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Vaseline does seem to do the trick, I've tried Washing Up liquid and the spray before but both started to creak again after a while. Many thanks for all the advice though.

BYW does anyone know exactly which part of the seals tends to make the creak? Is it on the door itself, on the frame opening, or elsewhere?
Not sure if anyone has posted a picture / diagram before?

mine also creak and I use WD40 but you do have to keep doing it every so often
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