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Condensation - Rear lights

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Anyone with the new style c-max have conensation in the rear LED lights?

After heavy rainfall or washing the car condensation forms although it does clear after a few dry days.
Lights appear to be seated properly, the left is worse than the right, just wondered if it's a common problem.

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Just a thought,have you tried pressing the unit down.It may be it has come unclipped.If not & the car is new,take it back & get them to sort it.
I've tried and there's no movement. It's only 6 months old so will get it checked out.

yeah , just noticed mine 08 model, condensation within rear led lights, GGGRRRRRRRR @ EM !
have you checked the plastic joins for cracks or broken seals?
might throw it back @ the dealers , get them to sort it
Dont chuck it at them to hard as if it is like mine it will fall apart
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I noticed this when washing the car too. Leaving the engine running andlights on while I polish it sees to the condensation (in the headlights too sometimes).
yeah mate , in the headlights as well,
annoying !
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Mine did this too although it has now stopped. On mine the condensation also caused one of the lamp connectors to corrode causing an outage.
Spoke too soon - there was water in them yesterday again.
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