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Hi Everyone, Just been down the motorway for 15minutes in my 05 C-Max got home to find The Dreaded Condensation in my headlights. while's I see reports about condensation in the Rear lights and no resolve is it something I shall to live with or do I drive backwards when it rains????
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probably a case of check how well the cover at the back fits afteryou've changed a bulb because this is the only real seal to an opening in the healight unit.

May be a case (on a warmish dryish day)of removing the headlight andusing a gentle hairdrier action to warm and dry the air inside the housing and then making sure the cover seals properly
Hi Richard, Thank you
, always can rely on you, I have only had the C-Max 3 months still learning about it's "QUIRKS"! On inspection the next day it had dried out
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"shucks" !!!!!!!
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