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code for radio

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Hi i have the code for my radio but dont know what to press after ive typed in the 4 didgts & i dont have manual can you help?
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please can someone read there hand book ford wont tell me over the phone.please please.
Hello bazals,
Just looked at the audio handbook and it says if you have a Sony CD/6CD generation 2 unit, after entering the complete keycode press the preset button * to confirm, if however you have a different unit press the preset button 5 to confirm it , except the 1500RDS press the AM/FM button.
I hope this helps, Toes
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Many thanks.but it wont accept my code nx1894,just aswell its going to ford on thursday for the smell/
the radio codes were previouosly only 4 numeric characters not letters try the 1894 by itself
Just had a look at the audio manual
As you have a code that includes 7, 8 or 9 you can't have a Generation 2 unit as there aren't buttons numbered 7, 8 or 9

thus once the "code" legend appears in the display try
using preset button1 press it till a 1 appears in the code, then
using preset button 2 press it repeatedly till an 8 appears then
using prest button 3 9 then
4 4 appears

and then press prest button 5 to confirm

Don't keep trying it too often or you may get problems later
Thanks very much for all your help,my wife just pointed out that i have been trying to enter the hex code then she showed me where the radio code is women are so much smarter then men (i feel a right arse)just have to wait 20 mins cause it locked me out the last time.
What,the car or the wife?
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The car radio,she's so very good to me
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