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CMAX Mats - wanted

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Looking to get some mats for my newly acquired 05 Cmax. Does anyone know where I can purchase cheap genuine ford mats for the car? At the moment my local Ford Garage is selling a set of 4 for 30 pounds. Thanks
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I find that you can get trade discount from main dealers quite easily if you have a bit of cheek about you. Call them saying you are 'Dave' from Sales Admin atABC Motors (use the name of your local Citroen dealer or whatever...) and you need some mats but can you have a trade discount on a cash saleplease? I'll pop in on saturday morning to collect if this is ok...
I bought my set off ebay.
Under £30 and they are proper Ford sets with Focus written on them.
As this computer bans ebay, I'll try and find another way to see who the seller is.
Thanks for the advice- still looking on ebay. At the moment just have some cheap plastic mats to keep the carpets clean.
Try looking at the Woolworths web site.They have some good deals on car accessories,cheap too
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I picked up some excellent quality mats from Tesco of all places, for only £10.
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