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Being a newbie, I've noticed (or haven't noticed) that the club is not offering C-MAX Owners club stickers. Maybe I've stumbled on a sore point (have i ????) or maybe i'm not looking in the right place.
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I believe they are in the deign phase at present
What do people think of this

I was going to get some on my C-max (when it gets here) and then offer them to other people on the forum.
I used to do the same thing on a Honda Civic forum I was a member of, it proved very popluar and a good way of advertising the site as well.
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Is there anyway of varying the size of the individual characters so they look something like the outline of a side view of the Max

With so many different people wanting to be noticed ordinary text might not be eye catching enough
I like it
were do I place my order
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Its a good idea and ispossible but I'm not sure if it would work because the title 'Cmasownersclub.co.uk is quite long so I'm not sure it would look right. The C would have to quite big for it to be in proportion.
I'll give it a go though.
mjshort79 said:
I like it
were do I place my order
I can start getting them anytime if everyone is happy with the design.
I think I should check with the site owner first, I don't want to step on their toes if they are also doing a sticker.
Really nice!
How about it being within a blue oval?
put me down for one too /they are great
let me know what you decide i think it is great how it is it
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Looks good to me too.Put me down for one please.
i'm glad i mentioned it now, it seems like there is alot of interest and why not? Every other car club has their own design and i think the sticker would look excellent placed 1 in each rear passenger window. (must be sold in pairs please). Well done on the design, i'm sure the red will contrast well on the glass. Put me down for some and would you POST it on the forum as and when they are ready. Once again many thanks for taking the time out to design what i think looks very smart.
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Here are the final 2 designs, let me know which one you guys prefer then I'll find out how much they will cost.

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the top one with the solid white writing would probably show better through the glass, however both look smart so i would go with the majority.
Rob the top one get them ordered mate
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top one again here
TOP ONE IS BOLDER AND BETTER, Fingers crossed we get some ???
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I'll pop in the place that makes them and find out the prices and let you allknow.

Would you just want ones that fit the rear side windows or would anyone want bigger ones for the back window?
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