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changing time

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Well its time to put the clock back an hour....unfotunately my 04 c-max deisel Ghia did not come with a owners handbook!! Please help if you know how....cheers
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Somewhere on the net it is possible to download owners manuals. I can't remember the site name, if i find it i'll let you know.
first hold down the menu bar then
press the RH seach button repeatedly till the clock comes up with one or other of the two sets of digits flashing use the sarch buttons to get the hours flashing and then use the rotary volune control to change the digits fimally press the RH search button to get back to normal (you can check that the date is correct as well whilst you;re at it
It`s not the eaisiest of menu`s to navigate,but now I`ve played with it a lot (I have to reset the time once a month as it tends to gain),I find it quite easy.
Hi guys just realised the change time menu is missing if you have rds time enabled
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My clock loses time evryday.So I would not worry ,asIf you car is like mine by friday it would have lost an hour on the clock meaning you dont have to set it.
Mine only looses 2mins a month.
Guaranteed to drive the wife mad as I reset it while at traffic lights
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Wait for the snow to stop first!!!
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