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Changing the seats.

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Not that the C max seats are bad, its just that my mondeo seats feel and look miles better.

What i would like to do is change the front seats in mi C max and put a pair of seats in from a Mondeo Mk3.

I know i've got to change the racks under the seats but i can see that i'm probably going to have bigger issues with things like the loom that goes under the seat for the airbags.

Even though the socket might be the same, the wires might not be.


Com' on Richard G
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you may also be raing problems with seat belt position over the shoulder

the driver occular point with regard to vision zones

seat position width ways in respect of side impact protusion
seat position in respect of head position when the front air bags fire

I'd suggest don't
Consider my fire peed on.

thanks Rich.
Not my intention to disuade you more just to keep everything safe and perhaps more important about passing the MOT without any extra costs if possible
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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