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Hi Folks

New to this forum but have been a regular on Cavalier Turbo Owners Register for some time, well that is until my misses told me we are having a little one!! Knowing that although the Cav is a family car the Turbo isn't and I could not picture crisps and sick on the back seat, it would be wrong. There are less than 250 Cav turbos left so I decided to sell it on to some one who would look after it and if your really interested the car is on the cover of Total Vauxhall this month which is their 100th ever issue. £3000 later I trawled ebay/autotrader/pistonheads for days with a big sad face looking for a 'family' car. Eventually I swindled it down to a few options and low and behold I now own a 1.8 petrol C-MAX!!! First thing is it is sooooooo slowwwww ha. But after my last car it would be. It has 108k on the clock but was owned by severn trent water before me. I phoned them regarding the service history, as it is fully serviced but at their own service depot, to find out about the car and it was owned by one of them guys who travels the country testing water supplies so it has spent most of its life in 5th gear!!! It still feels tight and everything works as it should including the average mpg which won't go above 35!!!

[For sale link deleted. Please read the for sale rules HERE- Lawe]

Thanks for your time!
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