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Hi, does anyone know when the cambelt needs changing on a 1.8ltr Zetec 2004
Thanks in advance
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try here

You don't say if it's the diesel engine but by date and size it probably is. Thus they say about 125.000 miles or 10 years
I believe the only C-Max with a cambelt is the 2.0 TDCI all of the other engineshave a timing chain.
I think you'll find the timing chain is between the two camshafts
I've read both the 1.6L & 2.o L Duratorque FORD service notes and both mention a timing belt
Cheers chaps, but it's a 1.8 petrol
ETIS doesn't identify a specific 1.8 Petrol for 2004 but it appears that the other petrol engines give a 100,000 miles before a change
I've been looking up on my Ford TIS CD & service guide, the diesel's do indeed have timing belts. I couldnt find any info on the 1.6 or 2.0 Petrols but the 1.8 Petrol (Duratec HE) is a modified MK3 Mondeo engine and uses a timing chain. The 1.8 petrol has either one or two auxillary belts depending on if it has air con, these need changing every 150000 miles or 10 years. I think the diesels have cambelts because they were sourced from Peugeot (1.6 & 2.0) the odd thing is my wifes 1.6 TDCi Fiesta has a chain!?
Thanks for all the prompt info, that's good news i wasn't sure if i would need to spend out as soon as i got it! more money to spend on my mods then......
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Did a bit more reading of the Ford TIS DVD, here is what I found about timing belts & chains;
Petrol 1.8 & 2.0 Duratec-HE (MI4) Engines have timing chains
Petrol 1.6 Duratec 16V (Sigma) engines have timing belts
Diesel 1.6 Duratorq-TDCI (DV) have timing belts
Diesel 2.0 Duratorq-TDCI (DW) have timing belts

I dont have any information for the 1.8 diesel or the later engines.
The reason being that the Disc only covers upto the 2003.75 MY
Try putting ETIS into something like Google and then looking at what I think was the Fords
service tab which gives all the engine variants
hi,,, i went to fords and they said it needed changing at 100.000miles i changed it as well as the puleys to be on the safe side cost was about £100. To have it done at fords they wanted £350. I have a c-max 1.6td 54plate
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