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I was only quoting what is on this website:

Scroll down, I've highlighted it!

<TABLE =mainTable borderColor=#003f87 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="95%">

<TD =title align=left>
Service Schedule - C-MAX- 1 Years (12500 ml)

<TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=1 width="100%">

<TH =section-ing colSpan=4>Driving Vehicle into Workshop</TH>

<TD =no-right-border width="38.5%" colSpan=3>Instrument gauges, warning/control lights and horn
<TD =full-border align=left>Check operation

<TD =no-right-border width="38.5%" colSpan=3>Washers, wipers
<TD =full-border align=left>Check operation/adjust, if necessary

<TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=1 width="100%">

<TH =section-ing colSpan=4>Inside Vehicle</TH>

<TD =no-right-border width="38.5%" colSpan=3>Exterior and respective control lights; instrument cluster illumination
<TD =full-border align=left>Check operation/condition

<TD =no-right-border width="38.5%" colSpan=3>Handbrake
<TD =full-border align=left>Check operation/adjust, if necessary

<TD =no-right-border width="38.5%" colSpan=3>Seat belts, buckles and stalks
<TD =full-border align=left>Check operation/condition

<TD =no-right-border width="38.5%" colSpan=3>Odour filter / Odour filter plus
<TD =full-border align=left>Renew - if applicable

<TD =no-right-border width="38.5%" colSpan=3>Pollen filter
<TD =full-border align=left>Renew pollen filter with odour filter - if applicable

<TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=1 width="100%">

<TH =section-ing colSpan=4>Outside Vehicle</TH>

<TD =no-right-border width="38.5%" colSpan=3>Door check straps +
<TD =full-border align=left>Check operation/grease (steel check straps only)

<TD =no-right-border width="38.5%" colSpan=3>Hood latch/safety catch & hinges +
<TD =full-border align=left>Check operation/grease

<TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=1 width="100%">

<TH =section-ing colSpan=4>Under Hood</TH>

<TD =no-right-border width="38.5%" colSpan=3>Wiring, pipes, hoses, oil and fuel feed lines
<TD =full-border align=left>Check for routing, damage, chafing and leaks

<TD =no-right-border width="38.5%" colSpan=3>Engine, vacuum pump, heater and radiator
<TD =full-border align=left>Check for damage and leaks

<TD =no-right-border width="38.5%" colSpan=3>Coolant
<TD =full-border align=left>Check anti-freeze concentration:

<TD =no-right-border width="38.5%" colSpan=3>Coolant expansion tank, washer reservoirs and battery
<TD =full-border align=left>Check/top up fluid levels as necessary - in case of abnormal fluid loss, a separate order is required to investigate and rectify

<TD =no-right-border width="38.5%" colSpan=3>Battery terminals
<TD =full-border align=left>Clean, if necessary/grease

<TD =no-right-border width="38.5%" colSpan=3>Fuel filter
<TD =full-border align=left>Drain water, if not renewed - Diesel models (with drain facility)

<TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=1 width="100%">

<TH =section-ing colSpan=4>Under Vehicle</TH>

<TD =no-right-border width="38.5%" colSpan=3>Engine
<TD =full-border align=left>Drain oil and renew oil filter

<TD =no-right-border width="38.5%" colSpan=3>Steering, suspension linkage, ball joints, driveshaft joints and gaiters
<TD =full-border align=left>Check for damage, wear, security and rubber deterioration

<TD =no-right-border width="38.5%" colSpan=3>Engine, transmission
<TD =full-border align=left>Check for damage and leaks

<TD =no-right-border width="38.5%" colSpan=3>Pipes, hoses, wiring, oil and fuel feed lines, exhaust
<TD =full-border align=left>Check for routing, damage, chafing and leaks

<TD =no-right-border width="38.5%" colSpan=3>Underbody +
<TD =full-border align=left>Check condition of PVC coating

<TD =no-right-border width="38.5%" colSpan=3>Tyres
<TD =full-border align=left>Check wear and condition, especially at tyre wall, note tread depth
<TABLE align=right>

<TD align=right>RF
mm, LF
mm, LR
mm, RR

<TD =no-right-border width="38.5%" colSpan=3>Brake system +
<TD =full-border align=left>Disc brakes: With wheels off, check brake pads and discs for wear. Check rear brake linings for wear (using drum brake inspection hole). (More often under severe duty conditions)

<TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=1 width="100%">

<TH =section-ing colSpan=4>Outside Vehicle</TH>

<TD =no-right-border width="38.5%" colSpan=3>Engine
<TD =full-border align=left>Refill engine oil

<TD =no-right-border width="38.5%" colSpan=3>Brake fluid
<TD =full-border align=left>Check level - in the case of abnormal fluid loss only, a separate order is required to investigate and rectify

<TD =no-right-border width="38.5%" colSpan=3>Tyres
<TD =full-border align=left>Adjust pressure

<TD =no-right-border width="38.5%" colSpan=3>Spare wheel
<TD =full-border align=left>Adjust pressure, check wear - condition (note tread depth)
<TABLE align=right>

<TD align=right>

<TD =no-right-border width="38.5%" colSpan=3>Luggage compartment lamp +
<TD =full-border align=left>Check operation - if applicable

<TD =no-right-border width="38.5%" colSpan=3>Wheel nuts
<TD =full-border align=left>Tighten to correct torque and check for correct type. Check for rim damage

<TD =no-right-border width="38.5%" colSpan=3>Wheel covers
<TD =full-border align=left>Check for damages, especially at retainer system

<TD =no-right-border width="38.5%" colSpan=3>Service reminder sticker
<TD =full-border align=left>Affix to driver side B pillar

<TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=1 width="100%">

<TH =section-ing colSpan=4>Extended Period Maintenance</TH>

<TD =no-right-border width="38.5%" colSpan=3>Brake system
<TD =full-border align=left>Every 2 years - Renew - brake fluid (LTS 12 154 4)

<TD =no-right-border width="38.5%" colSpan=3>Air conditioning
<TD =full-border align=left>Every 3 years - Check temperture at the evaporator outlet tube. Check air conditioning lines for damage and leaks (LTS 34 619 1) (TSB 67/2002)

<TD =no-right-border width="38.5%" colSpan=3>Cooling system
<TD =full-border align=left>Every 4 years - Check/clean pressure cap, renew if there is seal deterioration

<TD =no-right-border width="38.5%" colSpan=3>Cooling system
<TD =full-border align=left>Every 10 years - Drain, flush and refill with purple Super Plus(LTS 24 122 4)

<TD =no-right-border width="38.5%" colSpan=3>Camshaft drive belt
<TD =full-border align=left>Every 150 000 miles/10 years - Renew

<TD =no-right-border width="38.5%" colSpan=3>Auxiliary drive belts
<TD =full-border align=left>Every 150 000 miles/10 years - Renew

<TD =no-right-border width="38.5%" colSpan=3>Automatic transmission
<TD =full-border align=left>Every 75 000 miles/6 years - Renew fluid

<TD =no-right-border width="38.5%" colSpan=3>Diesel particulate filter
<TD =full-border align=left>Every 75 000 miles - Renew - Duratorq-TDCi with Stage V/EURO IV Emission only, if applicable

<TD =no-right-border width="38.5%" colSpan=3>Visual Body & Paint Check
<TD =full-border align=left>Every 12 or 24 months depending on vehicle type and build year/registration date. Carry out during operations marked (+) above - see detailed Check Sheet - if applicable (LTS 54 555 1 +)

+ Visual body and paint check should be carried out during these operations on vehicles built from 03/2002 onwards - see detailed Check Sheet if applicable.
Separate labour charge dependant on market regulations.

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Can't comment on the belt but I'm on my 2nd 1.8 TDCi. Good choice, more torque than the 1.6, better for towing my caravan.
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