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Cabin light(s) auto switch off

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Hi All. First post on thsi forum so hopefully you can help.

I have an 04 1.6 LX purchased second hand a couple of months ago. Today I came to use the car and it wouldn't start. Turns out to be a flat battery caused I think by having the door ajar. It had been a few days since I'd last used the car and just hadn't realisedthe door wasn't shut properly andit hadn't locked.

I got the car started via jump leads and tried different combinations of the door and it won't switch off after a delay unless the door is fully closed. This must be a fault.Has anybody else had this fault and been able to fix it? For now I've taken to switching it off permanantly but as it gets darker earlier etc its useful to have on automatic.

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Hi & welcome
.I`m pretty sure the interior lights will only go off if the doors are closed as they have to push in the plunger to switch off the circuit.Sounds like you may have a faulty circuit breaker (plunger).Have you tried pushing them in ,one at a time to see if this is the fault as it`s a new one to me.Keep us posted.Good luck
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Well that sounds highly plausible. Maybe all cars are like this?

I know the easiest fix is for me to be more careful and make sure the door is closed
Trouble is you don't see the light in daylight... Also I would have thought there would be a timer element to prevent these accidents happening.

Thanks for the super fast response.
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There is a delay,but only about 30seconds.I have just been out & checked mine.OK. I also gave them a quick spray with wd40 & wiped the door surface too,just to make sure.Happy C-Maxing
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My c-max has an auto switch off even when the doors are open, think it takes a few mins, but it will eventually switch off the interior lights.
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