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well ive had my cmax for about 2 weeks now and i thought id give you a quick comparison to my old passat.

my passat was a 2002 52 plate 1.8t sport.

it was a lovely car and very nice to drive, apart form the awkward drivers seat which didnt seem wide enough for my legs!!

the 1.8 t engine was 150bhp and plenty fast enough, but on a motorway run i was only getting 33ish mpg which was rubbish.

it was the sport model which had the lower/harder suspension as standard, cornered really well for a big old barge but was also really really quiet (not much wind/road nosie.)

to be honest i was sad to px her in as she had been a fantastic family car,but as id changed jobs and was doing an 80mile round trip to work it was killing me in pertol!!!

hence the move to a derv.

anyway i was originally looking a a mk4 golf gttdi at a garage , but he wanted 6 grand for a 2002 02 plate which was a joke., so anyway i noticed the derv cmax and thought id have a look as my sister loves her petrol model.

any way its a 2004 54 plate 2.0tdci zetec.

on the test drive it was raining so didnt really get a good feel for it but , it was nice and smooth and seemed ok so i bit the bullit and went for it!!

i picked it up a week later and was quite happy with it intially.

it has a nice high driving position which gives you a good view of the traffic.
but its very noisy ( road noise mostly!) and i have to turn the stereo up quite loud to hear it.
not sure if its the tires(pirelli p7)

im also finding it quite rattly in the back , either the back seats or something in the boot is rattling so i need to look at that.

engine wise i was concerned to start with as the mpg readout was giving an average of 39mpg
which i wasn't happy about.

the garage i got it from didn't service it as they said it wasnt due yet , but this weekend just gone ive changed the air filter and the oil and oil filter and it seems to have made a hell of a difference!!! getting low 50's now on my run to work which is well impressive.

so to sum up ive got mixed feelings at the moment but its slowly growing on me



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The more you drive it,the more you get use to it & how to get the best out of it.Now you`ve changed the oil & filters,it can only get better.I rekon within a couple more weeks you`ll be getting 55 minimum

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Forgot to mention there have been some posts in the past about tyre noise and boot rattles.Have a trawl through.I have Avons on the front & they are very quiet,but Dunlops on the back & they are noisy.I was going to put Avons on the back as well,but I got a rear puncture & had to put another Dunlop on asthe other wasno where near replacement condition.As for boot rattle,try tightening the spare down a little more & put a couple of dusters around the jack.It might help.
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