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Come on all you C Max owners lets get this site going we really need it to suppress our MAX MANIA!!!!!!
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I agree with you Kevly, but the members are very shy!
50 odd members have checked the model and color thread but only 3-4 have posted there details, come on it's only a bit of fun, even the site moderator has given us a wide birth.
Well the software is a bit 'iffy', too many clicks just to get to read the messages (compared to the board at ffoc.co.uk).

And the established community is still going well at ffoc.co.uk.

And the server is a bit slow/overloaded sometimes.

And the recent post about HID, cut and pasted from ffoc.co.uk, came out
quite horrid and unreadable. Seems the board message entry section does
not understand wrapping to line (from cut and paste).

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im still waiting to pick my 2000cc petrol up 4 weeks now.
hi everyone
i have just taken ownership of a 54 plate ,2.0L c max ghia ultima ,fully loaded with goodies ,very quick for a mpv ,more like a hot hatch,handles great,can anyone tell me how many were made ?.any info on this car would be good ,i found 2 reports 1 on yarhoo and 1 on google
cheers martin
I have an 05 2.0 tdci ultima, lowered and tinted front windows.

Thinking of part exing for 1.8 zetec.
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Hi all
Well I am almost there I'm hoping to get my new C max 1.8 zetec this week with luck it will be Wednesday, although it was meant to be last week. Just a bit concerned about some comments made about fuel economy, the main reason for changing cars is that, I have a p reg Toyota previa doing about 22 mpg so there will be an improvement on that (I hope). I hope this site picks up as I think it will as more of the new c max get on the road.
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the c max is a wicked car. an cool an classy i love mine so much i am so pleased i went a head wit buying it even though i didnt get to test drivr it i recomend it to anyone sporty classy an what every women wants what can i say
just picked up my new 1.8 zetec and its BRILL, I love the privecy windows in the back, a good touch from ford
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